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A new paradigm of religious thought:In the earlier post regarding,Why and How I became a Baha’i, I indicated I had to leap from a paradigm of religious thought that condemned all other religions to a new paradigm that embraced all true religions as one. For me, without question, this was revolutionary.
Accepting our parents religion and beliefs blindly and uncritically:There is a major problem in today's society, in most if not all cultures, children traditionally adopt the religion and beliefs of their parents. I did! The problem with this scenario for me as well as other children, or anyone for that matter, we quite often accept our parents religion and beliefs blindly and uncritically. Of course, it does not follow that our parent’s religion and beliefs are wrong but rather there is a possibility of error. For argument sake, it is obvious some religions are wrong. And for that reason alone, one should do an independent search for truth. If at the end of this independent search for truth one finds their adopted religion and beliefs to be true and sound then they have done their due diligence.
Praying and Meditating:Again, in my previous post, I briefly explained why and how I became a Baha’i. I indicated I prayed and meditated over a two-year period for the absolute truth regardless of where it led me and where its ends would meet. I also read and studied numerous religious Holly Books and related literature, including university level religion courses. Simply, I was doing an independent search for truth. My objective was to find out which religion was the true religion for today.
The Absolute Truth Challenge:Now, does praying and meditating for the absolute truth and studying religious Holly Books and related literature work? Yes! Without question, yes… So much so, I challenge you or anyone that’s up to the challenge to do the same… The purpose behind this challenge is not to convert one to become a Baha’i but rather to help any willing soul to discover what the absolute truth is… This is not a contest. No one needs to know what the truth is for you or anyone else at the end of this challenge. This is between you and God. Whatever the truth is, I hope we all arrive there and rejoice.
It’s not what you don’t know that hurts you:Remember, “It’s not what you don’t know that hurts you; it’s what you think you know that isn’t so.” (Source unknown)
In my personal search for truth:Regarding my personal search for truth, I found out later, after I became a Baha’i, Bahá’u’lláh, the founder of the Baha’i Faith, had written the prerequisites on finding the absolute truth 200 years ago. And basically the prerequisites I followed were the same.
Bahá’u’lláh wrote 200 years ago:” Know thou of a truth that the seeker must, at the beginning of his quest for God, enter the Garden of Search. In this journey it behoveth the wayfarer to detach himself from all save God and to close his eyes to all that is in the heavens and on the earth. There must not linger in his heart either the hate or the love of any soul, to the extent that they would hinder him from attaining the habitation of the celestial Beauty. He must sanctify his soul from the veils of glory and refrain from boasting of such worldly vanities, outward knowledge, or other gifts as God may have bestowed upon him. He must search after the truth to the utmost of his ability and exertion, that God may guide him in the paths of His favour and the ways of His mercy. For He, verily, is the best of helpers unto His servants. He saith, and He verily speaketh the truth: “Whoso maketh efforts for Us, in Our ways shall We assuredly guide him.” And furthermore: “Fear God and God will give you knowledge.”

In this journey the seeker becometh witness to a myriad changes and transformations, confluences and divergences. He beholdeth the wonders of Divinity in the mysteries of creation and discovereth the paths of guidance and the ways of his Lord. Such is the station reached by them that search after God, and such are the heights attained by those who hasten unto Him.

When once the seeker hath ascended unto this station, he will enter the City of Love and Rapture, whereupon the winds of love will blow and the breezes of the spirit will waft.”

(Baha’u’llah, Gems of Divine Mysteries, p. 26)

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